I am an NPCA-permitted hunter with a 2022 permit. Can I hunt or prepare to hunt on NPCA properties?

    All NPCA conservation areas remain open for passive recreational use such as hiking and bird watching. 

    Hunting activities at designated properties such as Mud Lake, Wainfleet Bog, Chippawa Creek, etc. are currently permitted  with the permit guidelines. Hunters must abide all hunting rules (provide link). Hunters must display their permit on their vehicle dash while parked at the conservation area, and carry their wallet card permit at all times while hunting on NPCA properties. 

    These areas have limited parking spaces and there are no washroom facilities available. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer as no handwashing facilities are provided in these areas.

    Visitors are asked to follow these guidelines when at NPCA conservation areas: 

    • Practice physical distancing when possible
    • Stay on the trails, step off only if needed to allow others to pass safely
    • Keep pets on leash and clean up after them  
    • Do not litter
    • Take trash with you when leaving the property
    • Respect wildlife and plant-life   
    • All visitors must vacate by 8 p.m. 
    • Do not trespass on private properties adjacent to NPCA conservation areas 

    For a full list of NPCA conservation areas and trails, visit: www.npca.ca/parks

    Who can I contact for more information on Hunting?

    Please use the Q&A tool and we will get back to you soon. 

    If you prefer to reach out to someone directly, call or email Alicia Powell at apowell@npca.ca or 905-788-3135 ext. 326.

    When will the NPCA Waterfowl Hunting Lottery Application be available?

    The NPCA Waterfowl Hunting Lottery Applications are now available on the NPCA website for both Binbrook and Mud Lake Conservation Areas. 

    These can be found at npca.ca/administration/hunting-application