Is the NPCA doing site visits for Planning applications?

    Yes, NPCA staff are able to do site visits in relation to a Planning or Permit application.

    How can I pay my NPCA fees?

    The NPCA can still accept payment over the phone or a cheque in the mail.  

    As the office is not open to the Public, payments in person are not feasible at this time.  Please check with the municipality that they have circulated your application to the NPCA before you contact us to make a payment.

    Who can I contact for more information on Planning and Development?

    Please use the Q&A tool and we will get back to you soon. 

    For more information on Planning and Permits, please visit

    How can I report a potential contravention of NPCA regulations?

    Site visits by Regulations Officers for occurrences of potential contraventions of the NPCA’s regulations are still being undertaken as needed when appropriate.

    Concerns can be directed to NPCA Enforcement staff by filling out the form found at